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"I'm a big kid now!!!"

As many of you already know, I have a gorgeous 3 year old daughter, Averie. I'm sure you've seen about a gazillion pictures of her on my blog, facebook, etc. Well, she may look sweet and innocent in the photos, but don't let her fool you... Averie is the most stubborn, strong-willed child on the face of the earth! Don't get me wrong, I know stubborn kids grow up to have strong leadership qualities and become very independent adults, but for now, it is a bit inconvenient for Mommy!!  After a few failed attempts, I decided that it was finally time to start potty training again. ALL of her friends are potty trained and I'm pretty sure she is the LAST one who is still wearing diapers...embarrassing, I know. So after candy prizes didn't work, big girl panties didn't work, and the Pull-ups Iphone App didn't even work (I know, shocking), it was time to get serious....

Let me introduce you to Cinderella

she was purchased about a week ago and has been sitting in the window next to the toilet. She "watches" when Averie sits on the potty and waits to see if she is going to pee pee like a big girl. If we have a pee pee in the potty, Cinderella will allow Averie to open her out of the package and play with her! Cinderella also went on vacation with us, but we were so busy and had no luck with potty training. I thought that maybe some big girl pull-ups might help speed up the process, and look who just so happened to be on the pull-ups


As soon as we got home, Averie put on the first princess pull-up and IMMEDIATELY wanted to sit on the potty in fear that she might go pee pee on her precious Cinderella "diaper". I'll let you  guess if she went pee pee or not....