Trisha Jimenez is an award winning newborn, maternity, and family photographer,  serving Owasso, Tulsa, and surrounding areas. TG Photography offers clients a distinct, timeless style and level of excellence that you won't find anywhere else. You can trust your newborn in the hands of a skilled professional who has photographed hundreds of sessions and counting. Now booking beach sessions as well! Visit the Contact page and book your session today!

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Behind the Scenes at Tg Photography

I've been told multiple times that I'm great with kids. Everyone is so amazed at how I get them to sit still for the camera and pose.  Well, I'm going to let you in on a little secret: 

You have all heard the saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words." Well to me, they are worth a million words! That's because I know what really went on during the snapping of that image ;)

Take this photo for example:

What words come to mind when you look at it? "What an adorable picture-perfect family!" Right? Ha, wroooong! Let me tell you what words come to my mind:  cute, yet busy, toddler boy, dogs all over the place, older child making funny faces, parents trying to maintain composure, AND temperatures outside equal to a billion degrees. This isn't the only family photo session that fits that description though. Another secret I'll let you in on: I've NEVER taken a "perfect" family portrait. (I know you all are just gasping in disbelief) Well, it's the trufus rufus. (<-translation "it's the truth"....give me a break, it's late at night and I feel like being cheesy) You may think it sounds hectic, but I live for these fun and crazy moments and I love every bit of my job. I mean, what's the point of showing up to work if you don't get to have fun and LOVE what you do, and also have the opportunity to be challenged in a different way everyday.

So with all that said, let me introduce you to my little friend....Photoshop. Now I'm going to SHOW you what I'm talking about...

Beware, you are about to go behind the scenes of TG Photography. You are about to see fully unedited photos, viewer discretion is advised ;)

Here are the ACTUAL photos from that session. The middle one, of course, is the edited image:

Let's play a little game: Can you pick out which faces I used from each photo to create the one in the center?

Sorry, I know they are kinda small. Here, let me help you:

Earlier I mentioned how I live for these moments...I especially live for the moment that I get to show the client the final edited creation and they fall in LOVE with their "picture-perfect portrait" :)